Shoeology: The Next College Major

Just when I thought television couldn’t get worse, I saw a self-proclaimed “shoeologist” on The Tyra Banks Show.  You might be wondering what a shoeologist does. No, it isn’t something involving the health of your feet, but instead it is a highly scientific way to figure out what type of man you are dating…or want to date.

If this sounds like something you need to know, you can actually read all about it in this book: Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers.

According to the author (she was a guest on TTBS), this is what you should look for if you see a man wearing the following types of shoes:

White Tennis Shoes – If the man you are eyeing is wearing these, this means that he can’t communicate. Why? Because if you wear white shoes, you can’t get them dirty. Can’t get your shoes dirty=can’t let loose. 

Black Vinyl Loafers with “Man Jewelry” – If a guy can wear a little man jewelry on his shoes, he is sensitive and loving.

Brown Cowboy Boots with Rounded Toes – Don’t be fooled, ladies. If your guy wears cowboy boots with a ROUNDED toe, he is a “Wall Street” cowboy.  He is strong and has a good job.

I would love to meet someone in this life who actually takes this to heart and believes it.

My husband wears tennis shoes, sometimes even white ones. He has no problem communicating. Am I disappointed there wasn’t a thorough analyzation of a pair of black soccer Adidas’? Probably not.

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